Microsite + Product Finder

Type: Interface Design
Duration: 8 weeks
Project Lead: Michael Cyrson 
Work: Individual work + external developer
Link(s): www.maschinenschutz-tore.de

More Infos:
On this project, I developed an internet presence for EITEC that presents the field of competence "Machine Security Cover Systems" and the products offered in this field on a separate website (microsite). The aim was a user-friendly filter function to ideally communicate the above mentioned business field to the consumer, offer orientation in the portfolio as well as simplify the search and order process.
In order to achieve a smooth integration into the current external communication, the design of the microsite has been adapted to the current corporate identity. There have been some adaptations of design elements regarding a modern aesthetic here and there, ensuring a differentiation from the competition in the market.

Aligned to the website visitors' usage behaviour the whole website is set up using responsive designs across all devices, allowing a consistent usage on smart phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Visit the eitec microsite.