Brand for Innovation

Type: Communication Design
Design Theory
Duration: 20 weeks
Tutor: Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Martin Topel
Work: Individual work
Link(s): www.uwid.uni-wuppertal.de

More Infos:
The aim of many SMEs is the development of innovations that establish, strengthen and extend their position in the market. But revenue streams are not created by the production of innovative products and services alone. In order to generate a revenue, enterprises must create a need for their offer and make it available for their customers.
In cooperation with the design agency squareone GmbH an external client was supported in the formation of a company. The base for this business was an innovative product in the maritime industry. The main objective of this master's thesis was the definition of all communication an distribution channels. All elements of the business modell that are facing the customer were merged into one holistic marketing strategy. The core of this strategy was the development of a customer-related brand. The coordination and implementation of all relevant brand elements were also part of this thesis.