Type: Design Economy, Interface Design
Duration: 6 weeks
Tutor: Prof. Dr. Oliver Baron
Work: Group work (Group of five)
My Part: Interface Design, App Architecture, Programming Prototype
Link(s): www.winrace.de
Prof. Dr. Oliver Baron

More Infos:
While the popularity and tradition of horse racing in countries like France and England is unbroken, it is nearly vanished in Germany after the Second World War. The project partner in Hamburg, the betting agency Win-Race, would like to change this situation, as much from heart as for commercial reasons.
Within a medium term project we took a closer look at the racetrack in Cologne on a competition day. We interviewed visitors and analysed time schedules, evoked emotions and the atmosphere at the track. Beside our filed research we did desk research to figure out how horse racing lost its popularity.
We came to the conclusion that German horse racing missed the chance of modern media by not adapting technical innovations and market trends in the late 70th.
Therefore our approaches dealt mainly with medial presentation and broadcasting.
Three different sup-groups worked on advertising campaign, graphical illustration of sport shows and mobile accessibility. The mobile service group consisted of four of my colleagues and myself, who developed a mobile application. This application should enable the user to participate in a horse race without physical attendance, or augment the experience at the racetrack.