Type: Design Research
and Theory
Duration: 6 weeks
Tutor: Prof. Michael Erlhoff
Work: Individual work
Link(s): Prof. Michael Erlhoff

More Infos:
If you ask a person about the gestalt of simple everyday objects, nearly everybody has a clear idea of how these objects look and feel, or even taste, smell and sound.
Furthermore the suspicion arouses that the images of an object, that is thought by different people, are similar. They have no touchable body but they exists in minds of the people. I call these physical not existing objects without substance
"Imaginary Thing(s)".
But how do objects get into our heads and what happens to them when they start an imaginary existence in our minds.
This theoretical work deals withe the origin and effect of Imaginary Things in an individual and collective context. It comes across important question of basic communication.