Portfolio Strategy

Type: Communication Design,
Design Research and Theory
Duration: 20 weeks
Project Lead: Prof. Dr. Brigitte Wolf
Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Work: Group of 17 students
Link(s): www.uwid.uni-wuppertal.de

More Infos:
In this cooperation project the Bergische University of Wuppertal worked together with the enterprise Johnson & Johnson in order to help one of their valuable brands for women hygiene product to tackle emerging problems in the German market.
In particular the students were asked to develop a portfolio strategy that reaches new and young customers and ultimately prevents the aging of the existing customer base.

For the research and synthesis phase, wich had the aim to identify potential solutions, we formed task groups, each responsible for different research fields. Three colleges and myself were responsible for the topics communication, market competition and secondary customers. Therefore we created a comprehensive and detailed overview of the whole market landscape including direct and indirect competitors. Furthermore we identified analogies that helped to see the challenge from a different perspective and we created personas to communicate the pains and needs of the target group.

After the research phase was done all students put together their findings and potentials to create strong solutions that makes the brand more interesting for the young target group without alienating established customers. Unfortunately the final concepts are confidential and not visible for the public until their initial public offering.

Besides enriching the team with my research and analysis skills I was able to apply my team management and project planning competencies. In a small organizational group we created a solid project and process plan that should manage the large project group (17 students) and ensure the efficient merging of research results and creative achievements.