Type: Design Research
Industrial+Product Design
Duration: 18 weeks
Tutor: Prof. Hatto Grosse
Work: Individual work
Link(s): Prof. Hatto Grosse
Otto Bock Mobility Solutions
Kölner Design Preis

More Infos:
In cooperation with Otto Bock Mobility Solutions GmbH, one of the worlds largest producer of medical devices, solutions for the recoupment, the preservation and the extension of mobility affected by a physical handicap were developed.
Due to the cooperation partners core business I took a closer look at the wheelchair and its whole life cycle. I payed close attention to all involved stakeholder and their needs and requirements. I talked to different user, but also to technicians and insurance agents. Furthermore I spent one day in a wheelchair to develop a better understanding an empathy for the target group of this medical device.
After collecting the needed information I was able to draw a comprehensive customer journey that shows all phases of the providing process with a wheelchair and the activities of all stakeholders.
Bases on the insight that a natural movement is the foundation for al lot physiological and psychological advantages futuristic visions were developed. These visions served in the following step as an inspiration for more specific product concepts.
Due to the immense variety of user needs I had to focus on one target group with a specific handicap. I focused on handicaps that indicate movements but doesn't allow them due to a lack of muscular tension.
This focus set the overall aim on the development of a medical device that passively supports natural movement.
Therefore I generated mock-up models and functional prototypes, that served a test objects. Within iterative loops i was able to improve the medical device together with users an specialist from Otto Bock.
The final concept is a passive-dynamic head support for people with weak neck muscle structures. This concept was rewarded withe the "Kölner Design Preis 2013" (Cologne Design Award 2013).