Type: Strategy and Business Design
Duration: 6 weeks
Tutor: Kith Tsang
Ger Choi
Work: Group work (Group of five)
Link(s): www.sd.polyu.edu.hk

More Infos:
In the second part of the Designing Business subject at the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong the students were asked to form groups of four to five people and to submit a business plan for a new product (in its broadest sense), service or social enterprises to fulfill needs identified by field research. This plan should reflect the methods and concepts learnt in the first part of the subject, in particular Permaculture design principles.
Based on first research my project group decided to work on a shopping mall in the city center of Hong Kong. Shopping malls are very popular in Hong Kong but they also represent and stimulate a not sustainable consumption. Our aim was to create a permacultural mall that can successfully contribute to a sustainable future of Hong Kong and its inhabitants.
The Permaculture mall consist of different concepts that are combined in an holistic strategy. The We strategy can be splitted into three main phases:
Promotion: To get people to come to our mall
Activities: The activities that peoples can enjoy in the mall
Recalling: The long lasting effect on the people who visited the mall again.
All strategies of the different phases can be regarded as exchangeable modules. Using related modules instead of relying upon one static and closed system contains several advantages. Offering a brought variety of solutions that may tackle the same problem generates a highly flexible system, which is able to react on external changes, or make the transfer into another context possible. Having several alternatives for one module allows to fail, because the next approach can directly move up.
Furthermore the failure of one module doesn't break down the whole system. These processes optimize and stabilize the system on a long term and allows the system to grow and change with its surrounding (Evolutionary Design Process).