Type: Industrial+Product Design
Duration: 4 weeks
Lead: Maciej Puzon
Caspar Schmitz
Work: Group work (Group of four)
Link(s): TITAN bags

More Infos:
The producer of bags and cases TITAN Hamburg GmbH ask the agency dreikant for a facelift of their hard-top case line called Shark. Within this project the design of the handle and the lock were thoroughly renewed. Furthermore the whole casing was updated. The ne product design was adapted to the portfolio of TITAN which allows a seamless integration of the Shark 2. Besides the general group work that was invested in the facelift, I was in charge of the production of CAD data that needed to meet the requirements of the production company. The design of the extruder was done in group work, but the initial draft comes from Caspar Schmitz at dreikant. The design, creation and development of a functional prototype of the interface was done by me.