Type: Workshop
Duration: 1 weeks
Tutor: Prof. Wu Xiang,
Prof. Sven-Anwar Bibi
Work: Group work (Group of 12)
My Part: Research, Concept,
Building Modells
Link(s): www.dhu.edu.cn

More Infos:
The workshop "Urban Cultural Spaces" was split into two projects phases:
A short start-up workshop in Cologne in July and the main project in October at the Design Department of the Donghua University in Shanghai.
Within this initial workshop we dealt with the cultural differences between China and Germany, in order to shorten the acclimatisation phase at the beginning of the journey to Shanghai. In addition to this we made contact with the cooperating Chinese students to introduce ourselves and communicate some key findings from the start-up workshop. This worked out very well and we knew our Chinese colleagues before we met them.
The task of the main workshop was the development of city facilities such as bus stops, public toilets and e-kiosks for the city of Shanghai. But more important was the cultural exchange and the experience of this new context. Therefore we kept on analysing (and enjoying) the Chinese culture besides working on the main task.
During the first project phase I was responsible for the introductive presentation of the start-up workshop. In Shanghai I focused on the field research on public transportation systems and the conception of bus stop solutions.